Monday, August 23, 2010

Kawabunga II!

Molly shared some more pages of her family trip. This is the simplest of layouts (an 11 x 11 design sheet on top of a 12 x 12 cardstock) but Molly's details make it really pop.

This is a perfect example of Stickease, our card-weight stickers that go with each paper set. All the embellishements on this page are stickease, the stripe, the flowers, even the title!

Another detail is the variety of picture shapes. I'm believing that Molly just cropped the small pictures at the top right of this page instead of ordering a special size, but you can order large sizes and cut them down. I've order a wallet page once to get 3 smaller pictures, and I've even put 4 pictures together in my photo program and printed them out as one 4x6 to get some 2 x 3 shots for a page I wanted.

Another detail that I like about this page is HOW she cropped the pictures. She used a deckle edge on all of the pics and even used the same edge on some of her mats. I confess, it's been a WHILE since I used any trimmer besides my EURO trimmer, but I'm gonna hafta pull out all my scissors and play a little! I noticed how some of the mats are straight and some are deckled, adding to the variety. Oh and I always love the look of overlapping matted, off-set photos.

Putting it all together, it makes for a great grouping. My favorite of this layout is the section on the far right. The long white mat with all the small, identically-sized photos. It reminds me of the old photo accordions that come out of wallets in old movies!

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