Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Types of Titles

This was one of the first layouts I made with Studio J. I particularly like the way the title works with the words simply across the layout instead of on a mat or background.

Stamped titles look sharp and distinct but must always have a base. Stamping over several layers of paper leaves gaps in the images. Stickers can be annoying because they won't come back up if you accidentally set them down, and because once you use a letter, it's gone. Cutting or punching letters provides an alternative to stamping, but they can also prove difficult to adhere to the layout. With digital scrapbooking on Studio J, I have tons of options for the title and it floats on top of the rest of the design perfectly.

If you haven't tried Studio J for free, why not??? Find the link at my website: marji.mycmth.com

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