Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Retreat Workshop - a la Christy Land

This was Christy Land's take on my retreat workshop from the one I had in late April. I can't believe I didn't take any pictures of my own layout! The workshop started with wetting and wrinkling (carefully) the base paper which was Dutch Blue cardstock. (For Christy's page, she used a second layer of Sunflower cardstock as the bases to the pages to give strength to the layout, but the original had the blue as the only base.) Anyway, once the blue is good and wrinkled, Christy flattened it back out and let it dry overnight. She even ironed it to flatten it fully. After it was totally dry, she then sanded the peaks that were caused by the wrinkles, giving the bases an awesome texture. Adding some ink of the same color can enhance the texture.

For the workshop, I taught the gals how to make fancy full flowers. Start with punched circles and fold each circle into thirds, making a pie shaped piece. Christy made the green side of her B&T as the center of the flower and the orange as the edge. Mine also were full circles, but she utilized the stems printed on the floral B&T to make have flowers, using 3 little pie pieces and a coordinating brad as the center, holding it all together.

It's really easy to see on this last picture how the positioning of the "flowers" makes all the difference in the world. She also introduced sewing to our retreats this time, using a straight stitch around the outside edges of the blue, and a zigzag stitch between the different paper pieces.

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