Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Heart 2 Heart Challenge for this week.

The Heart 2 Heart Challenge for this week was perfect for me! I was thoroughly inspired by the sketch they offered. (You really must visit the site and see the artwork they shared there!) At the same time, though, I needed to set up my workshop for this weekend's retreat. Since it is a scrapbooking retreat, I used the sketch for a layout. It worked out perfectly for my purposes!

My layout doesn't exactly match the sketch, but that is the beauty of using a sketch! In this case, I squished the stripes and the rest, eliminating the strip that separates the stripes from the other part of the base. The biggest difference, though, is the photo mat. The sketch only allows for one, but with my rather large family, I seldom do a single-shot layout. It wasn't much to add the three small ones and the extra one at the top. Off-setting the main picture at the bottom was rather an afterthought. I always like the look of a photo that spreads across two layouts, and this sketch lended itself to that type of design.
When the two pages are together, they blend so well.
Because this is also a workshop that I'm doing for my retreat this weekend, I also had to make sure I had enough resources to make this layout multiple times. When I have a retreat, I always provide a workshop of some sort. I prepare it, cut all the papers, and spend only a little time explaining it all to the attendees. (Often they take the supplies and just go wild with it!) I always teach some type of technique. For this one, I'm teaching a paper distressing technique involving sandpaper and an iron. Very carefully, I wrinkled up the paper. I've done it before after wetting it slightly, thinking the water would make the paper wrinkle more easily, but it doesn't. It tears VERY easily whether it is wet or dry! After I spread it back out, I ironed it flat on the highest setting. Once it was flat again, I sanded the raised portions lightly, allowing the white core to show through. This technique also looks really cool if you ink up the sanded edges. Another way to do it is use a lighter colored paper and ink the raised edges color-on-color.


  1. What cute pages! You obviously put a lot of work into them.

  2. Nice to see the sketch turned into a layout. Thanks for playing along with H2H!