Friday, January 29, 2010

Variations on a Theme!

I totally failed to mention something important in the last post. The background and texture paper (also known as B&Ts and design paper) that Close to My Heart makes are 2-sided. The main side has full color artwork on it and the back side has the same design in a coordinating monochromatic color. It's hard to see in this picture, but the brown paper has dots of all sorts of colors in it. The back of that paper is cream-colored with light dots on it and is seen in the light flourish on the right hand page and the curvy strip on the left-hand page.

This is Sherry's design. She's added some green ribbon to make extra strips on her page.

Sherry's layout and Julie's - seen here - are the only ones that showed the circle cut in half. Julie even cut the ring and I love the effect it made! I also like how Julie's strips seem to flow across the whole layout.

Okay, Brandy's gonna get me for showing her closed eyes in this picture, and I truly plan to edit it if I get the chance, but I really wanted to show her take on this. Just like Julie, she let her strips flow and connect. She also distressed her base pages in the same colors as the Veranda paper pack. I love the way it brought unity to her page! Brandy is an embellishment queen - I can't wait to find out how she finished this layout up!

Alissa also kept the flow of the strips between the pages. She, like Sherry, made use of the two sides of the paper. I hadn't thought of that!

Below is Ashley's art. I love how she alternated her mattes between straight and crooked.
You know, if I used all the things I liked from everyone's designs, I'd probably end up hating the layout because it would be too much. But each one is so unique with its variations of the theme that they all stand out!

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