Friday, January 1, 2010


I've been doing some major surfing today. I particularly was looking for some inspiration for the scrapping workshop that I'll be doing during my retreat next weekend. I definitely found some GREAT ideas a several different sites, but I was really shocked by what I found.

Most of the layouts submitted to these sites were nice, some were amazing. What was lacking for the most part were pictures! Of all things! Seriously, 9 out of every 10 layouts I saw had only 1 picture on them. The rest of the page was either blank (huh?) or was an art project.

I don't have anything against artistic pages - boy, these definitely were, with all sorts of junk draped all over them - and I appreciate the way they help me look at my pages from a different viewpoint, but so many? Don't people take more than 1 picture for an event? Shoot, with my family
alone, I would need at least 3 pics and that's with doubling up and no friends included.

So I particularly LOVE this layout from Carmela! She used all sorts of little pics, mostly silhouettes, to create a first year double-page for her daughter. I included some close-ups so you could see the detail.

I particularly liked the sentiment at the "Go" box!

When last I saw Carmela's work, she was working on a version of Candyland for her son - can't wait to check out the finished project on that one! What a CLEVER idea!

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