Friday, January 1, 2010

Retreat Workshop Art

At all of my retreats, I do a workshop of one type or other. In November, Christmas was my theme and we created a double layout using the Jingle paper. Here is my basic layout. Most of the paper was a regular cut, but since I was using the curvey lined paper, I cut it along the curve and used it that way. I used cranberry polka dot paper and juniper snowflake paper to accent the rest of the page.

The 4 x 12 pieces went on the inside, aligned with the top and bottom and the inside edge of the pages. The left curvey page was roughly 9 inches wide and was fully 12 inches across. Another 2-inch accent paper covered the left side of the curvey paper. The final accent is a 4 x 4 square of cranberry cardstock when I tore in a curve from one corner to the other.

The right-hand curvey pages was also 9 inches wide and this time 8 inches across. The red cardstock in the bottom right corner was a 6 x 6 torn from 1 corner to the other. I also mounted all of the pictures on red cardstock. Each piece was only a tiny bit bigger than the picture I used with it. I edge-distressed all the pictures and the mats.

Also, for one of the pictures, I cut it into 3 pieces, avoiding faces, and edge-distressed those as well. I liked the effect. I had seen it on one of the doubles in the Imagine book and was just waiting for the right time to try it. I was pleased with the effect.

Below are some of the layouts made by my retreaters.

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