Monday, February 8, 2010

Caboodle Workshop

We had such fun on both Friday night and Monday night! Thanks gals! Here are the layouts for the Caboodle Workshop "On the Go". I'm so pleased with the way these pages turned out!
These first two have the title "So Egg-cited!" written across the top, but it just doesn't pop! I have since sponged the edges in Crystal Blue and am very pleased with the result. On the ribbon, I sort-of cheated. I cut 13 inches of ribbon and then tied a 3" piece in a knot around the long piece. It only looks like the long piece is tied together. On the other side of the page, I created that effect by putting only a little adhesive sporadically across the ribbon. I used my finger and a pencil to create the loops and only stuck those small parts of the ribbon down. I have to admit, though, that what is shown here isn't quite the final result. I added a 4th picture on the right hand page, and, also on that page, I moved the ribbon effect to the other side and aligned it with the ribbon from the left side of the page. Now it looks like the ribbon goes all the way across to the right hand page.

This layout is directly from the Imagine book. I loved the effect of the torn paper, but I'm told I need a paper tearing tool! These pages have LOTS of layers, but it was fun to make. The ribbons on each corner are gathered along the center thread to make the effect. In my final product, I added a picture under the ribbon on the left-hand page. Also, I found a new trick. At Yorkphoto.com, I was able to make a 4 x 6 collage of 4 photos. Those are what I used in the little squares at the top of the page. I'm told that many photo editing software programs can do that, but I'm still in the dark ages there!

This layout was just plain FUN. I got inspiration from some scrapbooking magazines and from websites, and ended up putting elements from several different layouts together. I started with a "frame" made up of unequal parts of green and yellow cardstock with rounded corners. Rounding only the "outside" edges makes the layout spread across the whole page. I furthered this look by using the strip paper as the first matte across both pages - also with rounded corners on the "outside" edges. You can see I only officially matted a couple of pictures, and yes, I've added the one that has the green bow on it. The little arrows throughout the layouts are from a stamp set made especially for this workshop. They should be available for purchase in a few months. Also throughout the pages, I used the new tiny tabs - LOVE THOSE! - Sweet Leaf Ribbon Rounds, and "Booksmart" Dimensional Elements. As a final couple of accents on this page, I added some pull-able journaling slips. I used some of the scrap that I had left over from the stripe and turned it to the back side that keeps the print only with a different color scheme. I also free-handed an arrow using my personal trimmer and randomly stamped it with the small images on the included stamp set.

There really is a 4th layout with these, but I'm not finding my picture of it. Once my camera battery has charged, I'll load it up in a separate post.

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