Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Passages - Layout #4

These easy layout were included with the Passage Workshop on the Go kit. I try really hard to make them just like they are shown, but this one begged a change. See the little circle designs are actually four folded circles, like this one.

To make it this way, you fold it in half and then in 1/4 before unfolding it. Then you collapse it so that the two sides fold into the center of two triangular quarters. Then with your thumb, you fold down one top edge of the quarter. It's easier to see the design when using paper that has more of a difference between the back and front. You put 4 of them together to make the complete circle and then put a brad in the center.

I made a much easier version, though, and it only used 2 circles instead of 4. For this one, I used one circle as a base and then folded just a bit of the second circle to make it more of a square. I then put a brad into the center. It doesn't have the folds or bulk of the original, but it is much easier to make and work with.

The top accents are easy with the new Chocolate Ribbon collection. I just anchored one end with a pewter hinge around one edge and wrapped the other end around the other edge of the page. Adding some quick stamps and decorative brads made an easy and fast double layout.

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