Saturday, November 27, 2010

Passages - Layout #2

Not sure why the colors on these pics are different, but be assured they are both from the same paper pack and really do go together. This layout started the postcard paper from the Passages set. It seemed a perfect partner to the journaling paper in the set, so I put them together and mounted on the chocolate cardstock. The open spaces on this layout was key, because the base paper complimented the others perfectly.

The cuts for the left-hand page included a 2x5 and 2x7 of the journaling paper. From the postcard paper, a 5x5 and a 5x7. From the brown B&T I cut 1 1/2 inch squares (3) and punched some circles to go in the squares from the Autumn Terra Cotta cardstock.

The cuts for the right-hand page include, from the journaling paper, two 2x7 strips and a 5x5 and 5x7 from the postcard paper. Again, 3 squares at 2x2 each from the brown B&T and punched circles from the Autumn Terra Cotta cardstock complete the cuts.

On both pages, ribbon from the chocolate collection is used. For the left-hand side, I used an 8-inch piece of ribbon. I tied one end of the ribbon around a metal tag then gathered up the other end tightly until the ribbon was only about 3 inches long from knot to tip. I glued it down with adhesive (usually Liquid Glass - I LOVE Liquid Glass!) letting the knot and tag hang down and I wrapped the other end of the ribbon to the bag and secured it the same way.

On the right-hand side, I used a 14-inch piece of ribbon. I pulled the white strings a little out of one end of the ribbon and tied the strings in a knot, then out of the other end of the ribbon, I gathered up the ribbon tightly until it was 8 inches long. Before I put down the bottom-left postcard paper piece, I glued down the ribbon, putting the knotted end around on the right side of the layout. The other edge of the ribbon tucks under the postcard paper piece about a half inch. I make sure that the gathered section isn't under the postcard paper.

The circle punch that I have has an edge to it, and it is about 1-inch in diameter. I decorated them with spirals, medium brads, and designer brads from the pewter collection.

I lined up 3, vertically, on the right-hand page and the other 3, horizontally, on the left page so that, when placed together, they look like a continuous design.

I know a LOT of people travel - and this set is perfect for photos from those trips, especially European trips. For me, my best trip is to my in-laws in Oklahoma (a peaceful, but not normally chic, destination) so I'm not really sure how I will use these layouts. If you have any ideas, pass them along!

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