Monday, November 29, 2010

Passages - Layout #3

The designs on these two pages left too much base page showing and I didn't like the effect, so I altered the design to completely cover the bases. The cuts on the left-hand side start with a 1x12 strip of the journaling sheet. The catch with this cut is that it goes across the words so that they will show vertically on the page. All the other cuts are horizontal, with the writing lines. There is a 2x4 cut like that at the bottom right corner of that page. Next to the 1x12 strip of journaling paper is a 1x12 strip of postcard paper. Another postcard cut is a 4x4 at the top right corner. The last base-cover cut is a 6x12, with the lines, on the striped paper. A 5x7 and 4x6 of Brown Bag cardstock finish the collection. The 5x7 sheet is edge-distressed all the way around and the 4x6 has the top edge torn off, just a bit.
On the right-hand page, the top is a 4x12 of the postcard paper. The bottom is a 2x12 of the journaling paper - cut horizontally, with the writing. In the middle of this is a 6x12 of the striped paper, but this time it is cut ACROSS the stripes. That way the stripes will agree between the pages.

The decoration at the top of the left-hand page is worked with a few different cuts. The base is a 1x7 inch scrap of any B&T (I used some postcard paper). On top of that is a 1x12 inch brown B&T paper. I left 1 1/2 inch flat and then made a crease. After a 1/4 inch, I made another crease, then again after 3/4 inches. I continued down the paper, creasing at 1/4 then 3/4 inches until I was left with 1 1/2 inches at the end. On the two ends, I added an open hinge to one and a stamped key hole (stamped in Colonial White) to the other.

At the bottom of the pages, I added a 1-inch strip of Brown Bag, both of them 5-inches long, but torn to differen lengths. On the left-hand page, I embellished with brads and spirals. On the right hand page, I repeated the pleated brown B&T design paper and tucked on end under the torn cardstock and the other one under a pewter photo clip.

The final design, at the top of the right page, started with an upside down 1x8 strip of postcard paper. Along with that, I cut a brown ring out of scrap paper, measuring about 3 inches, and another about 3 1/2 inch circle out of Brown Bag. Both of these I edge distressed, like all the other cardstock pieces. At that point, I folded 1 inch of the postcard strip and secured it with a pewter designer brad and then glued the left edge of the ring to the circle so it would be centered on the Brown Bag circle. Using the entire unit, I stretched the postcard paper to the right edge of the layout and glued it down, flush. Then I glued down the rest of the unit as it layed evenly across the page.

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