Friday, December 5, 2008

A Moment of Your Time - Please expand this list!

Okay, business aside, have you taken a break today? I know, I live it too! Transporting kids, work, errands, shopping, grocery stores, cooking, cleaning, family needs, friends . . . shall I continue? As women, we get the lion's share of the details of the season and it can really be a load on our heads. I don't need to tell you that it's not how it should be. You already know that, but you're still a mom/wife/daughter/sister/aunt/neighbor/friend!
Still, it's hard to really experience the joy of this blessed season when you're stressed, hurried, and trying desperately to keep all your "ends" tied together. May I make a suggestion?

Please, make a priority of taking some time every day (even if it is just 5 minutes) and do something to bring you joy.
Look through your scrapbook.
Watch part of a Christmas movie.
Sing some carols with your kids.
Read the Christmas story in Luke 2.
Read a chapter of a good book.
Take a lovely smelling bath.
Build a fire and enjoy it with a cup of cocoa.
Sit and gaze at your beautiful tree.
Write a note about a special ornament and what it means to you.

I put these here for a reason. I'd like to expand this list! Would you all (yes, I actually asking you to do something else - LOL) leave an idea of your own in the comment or email it to me? I want to include as many other ideas for "a moment of your time" as I can!

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  1. Adding to your list, even though it is late. Listen to music that touches your soul.