Sunday, December 7, 2008

Snow Guy Double-Flap Card

This cute little card is worth the effort! I had never thought of stamping on design paper, but it turned out great! Use the "All Decked Out" Stamp Set. To make this, you will need to stamp all of these parts onto white paper, except the hat and scarf. Stamp the medium circle about 1/3 of the way up from the bottom of a 3 x 4 card. You'll stamp the swirly stamp along the bottom of the medium circle, all the way across to either side of the snowguy bottom. Fill in with the swirly, but make sure you turn the stamp from time to time so all the swirls won't look exactly the same.

When you stamp the scarf and hat on the design paper, cut it out, removing all the extra swirly stuff. (I don't want to spend all that extra time cutting, do you?) Stamp the smallest circle on an edge of the white paper and add the face in black. Cut it out completely. Cut the medium circle out, too, only cut the circle up to the swirlys and then along the top of them. (See the card for the full look.) I started the card with a 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 card base, and centered it with a 3 1/2 x 4 1/2 plaid piece. I cut a white cardstock piece that measured 6 x 4 and folded it in half to make it 3 x 4. This piece I centered on the plaid, closer to the top edge. I covered it with a Twilight cardstock piece that measured 3 x 4. The cut snowman bottom and swirlys go at the bottom of this Twilight piece. The snowman head will go above the body, with about 1/4 inch of margin between the two circles. Put the scarf and hat in good positions over the head.

At this point you will want to add your sentiments. I used the "Peace on Earth" stamps. I actually cut the sentiment into pieces to make it fit this way. I stamped this section inside the 3 x 4 card that is sitting on top of the plaid paper. The second part of the sentiment was left in tact and I stamped it on the inside of the cardbase.

I finished the card off with a Autumn Terracotta photoclip that holds the 3 x 4 flap closed.

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