Thursday, July 8, 2010

Retreat Cherry-O Layout by Carmela

Carmela had a cool take wither her layout, using the same pieces that everyone else got. I love the way the creative ladies at the retreats use the plans with their own ingenuity!

Carmela didn't use the cherry stamp set that was made for this page. I know, it looks like it, but it isn't - this is the ingenius part!!! She cut out some little leaf shapes by hand then crumpled them like we crumpled the base page and sanded it just a little to give the effect of veins. Close up, it looks like she just drew the stems in a dark brown color before adding the leaves with a green button at the top of them. Some lighter green thread fills the eyes of the button. She added red buttons for the cherries at the ends of the stems and filled the eyes with red thread or floss.

Her layout, like Cindy's, is totally different from mine - a further testimony of her creativity. I also like how she used black and white photos on this. I have just never done that. I need to. I know it needs to be the right type of pictures - an appropriate event. I need to find one!

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